Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A New Beginning

2013!! yeahh..


      I had a rough year in 2012,.. i just feel that i have to change something in terms of my appearance and attitude,. Sometimes when i think back throughout the year 2012 there are many things that i should have done but i couldn't do and i regret it, well it's too late for me to change all this things now, but i will do something about it in 2013 "i hope so".  hehehe talking about the year of 2013, election day is at the corner i can feel it. Hahaha. it's 10:18pm and i'm still think what should i wrote.
      There are things in my life that i really want to change but it's hard for me to start, i'm afraid that i might hurt someone, but this things keep dragging me away from God. I know that as a christian we should choose God instead of someone else but it's easier said than done. i'm just an ordinary human who make mistake and sometimes it's hard for me to make a choice even though i know that it is the right choice, and  it's hard for us to realize that we have been away  from God until we have reach to the point that we see our self standing on a cliff where no one can hear or see when you need help.
      That's all for now thank you for reading God bless you all and have a nice day.

                                                                                                        BY: Joshua Abot

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Are We Ready?

Hey,, hehe just wanna share something it's about the second comming of Jesus... When my father share his testimonies, then suddenly i realise the time is near,, huhu .. ok let me tell u his testimonies..  " when i was on the boat in the middle of south china sea (btw he's on a fishing trip), (cut the story short) suddenly God gave me a vision, i saw a map of japan, china, south and north korea,. not only that,, i also can see  many missile and  rocket and it was on a secret tunnel in north korea,, something is gonna happen in this 4 country,, and when the whole world turn their attention to this country,, and again..i see something happening in the middle east they are preparing vast army to take over jerusalem.." hmm.. that's all  i can remember.

Well, i have a question to ask,, Are we ready for the second comming of Jesus? What should we do? just pray?  >.< i have many question but i'm out of time... well thats all

       pls reply.. ^^         

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Waaaaa.... it's friday already... las day at work.. :P hahaha... yeah!!.. tmrow jalan again.. go cp.. hahahaha with someone  ^_<  *..*.. huhu.. i'm so tired la,, i almost sleep in the toilet, my eyes are already closed and my head is like going up then going down hahaha like fishing bha :))...>.< wahahahaha. ya.. it's true... i felt so wired because before that i go 2 the canteen n drink a cup of coffee but my sleepynessss become moreee hmmm what should i say? stronger..? hahaha.. i still have many work to do i hope i can get it done on time.

 ok.. my lunch time is almost over, i still have about 29min left, just now i eat nasi ayam + sup kosong.. nuymmm..!!  hahahaha,, some times i feel so boring idk what to do,, then i listen 2 music hehe, btw i like 2 sing.. i like to sing praise to the Lord every day!! yeah..!! Jesus You are my life!! You are my everything!! Amen.. ^_^  <3

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moving forward

 Wow..!! it's 2011.. >.<  which means i'm 1 year older :) haha.. ok lah.. i just want to share something about what my plans for this year.. ^^ hehe, i'm now working as a temporary clerk at F&N  inanam,. ok that's all i can think rite now... wahahahaha..!!

  Well, let's talk about the topic,... I still remember when i was primary 1 hehe.. that was long time ago. Well that's not the point,, what i really mean is, time's moving very fast. All the good and bad things that i've been through, now its only a history.
   Can you change your past?. Hehe, i dont think so, we have to keep moving foward and never look back no matter how hard things can be, but it dosent means that we have to move fast, sometime we have to slow down so that we dont get lost, << hehe.
   Do you ever feel that all the things you do is always wrong?,, hahaha  u this kan dont be like that bha.. :) *talking to myself again -.-* wahahaha... Rofl.. well if u ever feel that way, just keep moving foward~~ hmm... "macam pernah dengar lah 2 ayat.." hahahaha... Actually i dont have any idea for this topic,,. haha.. ok lah.. that's all for now, i'll gonna find new topic.. :P ok... have a nice day to me.. :D

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just be who you are

There are times when no matter how hard you try, you just cannot accept yourself as you are. During such times, think of how you look to God's eyes. In God's eyes, there is no judgment, there is only acceptance. God sees your light when all that you can see are your shadows. God loves you more than anyone could ever love you as you really are.  ^^ 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Class of 5I 09

Talking about school..^^,, some of my friends say "school is so bored" lolz, actually sometimes i feel the same too.. But time has passed and i have graduated from high school for nearly a year now.. To tell you the truth, i miss my school very much, all the teacher and friends. I miss the time when I've been punished by the teacher for not sending homework on time xD.. hehe it's so embarrassing, but you can only get the experience in school.. T.T

science class... xD 

hehehe..  This picture is taken in our science lab, lolz some of the student take the teacher's tie and put it on this skeleton,. Btw we call it uncle Sam , xD. I kinda miss him too.. our science teacher is MR.Collin, he's a good teacher always support us, without him i could never score A's on science subject in SPM. 

wew,. This is my class, i still remember when this picture was taken, umm..a week before the big event.. well you can say it a week before SPM  started.. hehe, i'm so borreeeddd at that time, all the teacher are busy with their stuff . 

<<( this is me,, sleeping -.-) wahahahaha!!!!  

In conclusion, all the time we've spent together will be remembered always..^^ And i would like to say thank you to all the teacher for spending their time just to make us a better persons.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The past VS future


Where do you see yourself five years from now?. I don't have any answer for this question,  it's hard to predict the future, only God who know it. 

             Ok let's talk about this topic,. First i just want to talk about my self. I'm 18 years old now, and still waiting for collage, I've been thinking what if i never go there? what will i be doing in the next five years..? some of my friends has begin his/her study in collage.. My ambition is When i grow up i wanted to be a *pilot* but i have to change everything for some reasons,, actually its complicated and i don't want to talk about it ^^. God already give the future for me, and now its up to me to get it. I have to work very hard starting from now so that i can have bright future.. My present will be my past for my future  ^_^  i will always remember that.. 

             Now lets talk about our daily problem,.Sometimes, we may be ask GOD, " Why are bad things always comes to me? I thought u will always be there for me and never leave me,   But, why bad things, problems and everything that are not suppose to happen on me happened ?. All i can say is this Everything happened for a reason. God will always be there for us, He will never leave us alone, u have to trust Him in everything you do. He want us to endure all the pain and  loneliness its not because He don't like us, it's because He wants us to be more stronger and faith full to Him.. I have a question to ask.. What will you do if all the bad things happened to you? 
A) suicide?
b) pray to God and ask for help?
If you choose (A) all the bad things will become worse.. But if you choose (B) in years to come you will remember all the things you been through that makes you become  stronger and you'll be thanking God for letting all the things happened to you. "Your past determine your future, but the present can change it". That's all for now..^^ God bless you all.