Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A New Beginning

2013!! yeahh..


      I had a rough year in 2012,.. i just feel that i have to change something in terms of my appearance and attitude,. Sometimes when i think back throughout the year 2012 there are many things that i should have done but i couldn't do and i regret it, well it's too late for me to change all this things now, but i will do something about it in 2013 "i hope so".  hehehe talking about the year of 2013, election day is at the corner i can feel it. Hahaha. it's 10:18pm and i'm still think what should i wrote.
      There are things in my life that i really want to change but it's hard for me to start, i'm afraid that i might hurt someone, but this things keep dragging me away from God. I know that as a christian we should choose God instead of someone else but it's easier said than done. i'm just an ordinary human who make mistake and sometimes it's hard for me to make a choice even though i know that it is the right choice, and  it's hard for us to realize that we have been away  from God until we have reach to the point that we see our self standing on a cliff where no one can hear or see when you need help.
      That's all for now thank you for reading God bless you all and have a nice day.

                                                                                                        BY: Joshua Abot