Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Class of 5I 09

Talking about school..^^,, some of my friends say "school is so bored" lolz, actually sometimes i feel the same too.. But time has passed and i have graduated from high school for nearly a year now.. To tell you the truth, i miss my school very much, all the teacher and friends. I miss the time when I've been punished by the teacher for not sending homework on time xD.. hehe it's so embarrassing, but you can only get the experience in school.. T.T

science class... xD 

hehehe..  This picture is taken in our science lab, lolz some of the student take the teacher's tie and put it on this skeleton,. Btw we call it uncle Sam , xD. I kinda miss him too.. our science teacher is MR.Collin, he's a good teacher always support us, without him i could never score A's on science subject in SPM. 

wew,. This is my class, i still remember when this picture was taken, umm..a week before the big event.. well you can say it a week before SPM  started.. hehe, i'm so borreeeddd at that time, all the teacher are busy with their stuff . 

<<( this is me,, sleeping -.-) wahahahaha!!!!  

In conclusion, all the time we've spent together will be remembered always..^^ And i would like to say thank you to all the teacher for spending their time just to make us a better persons.


  1. Wow! sempat lae tidur dlm klas o kn? haha.. I never feel bored in school.. hehe.. I always feel in school is a FUN for me! Cuz, ma parents never let me out from house, the only out is when I go to school.. And, I feel so FUN when I go to school.. But, the problems are always are FRIENDS.. Sometimes, we may have got wrong friends that will lead you to wrong ways.. huhu.. and, I realized it long tym ago..

  2. ehehehe..^^ ya baru habis study.. xDD,, hey.. have faith in God,.. i think Friends is not the problem.. bcoz you know what good and bad things.. it's all up 2 you..^^