Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moving forward

 Wow..!! it's 2011.. >.<  which means i'm 1 year older :) haha.. ok lah.. i just want to share something about what my plans for this year.. ^^ hehe, i'm now working as a temporary clerk at F&N  inanam,. ok that's all i can think rite now... wahahahaha..!!

  Well, let's talk about the topic,... I still remember when i was primary 1 hehe.. that was long time ago. Well that's not the point,, what i really mean is, time's moving very fast. All the good and bad things that i've been through, now its only a history.
   Can you change your past?. Hehe, i dont think so, we have to keep moving foward and never look back no matter how hard things can be, but it dosent means that we have to move fast, sometime we have to slow down so that we dont get lost, << hehe.
   Do you ever feel that all the things you do is always wrong?,, hahaha  u this kan dont be like that bha.. :) *talking to myself again -.-* wahahaha... Rofl.. well if u ever feel that way, just keep moving foward~~ hmm... "macam pernah dengar lah 2 ayat.." hahahaha... Actually i dont have any idea for this topic,,. haha.. ok lah.. that's all for now, i'll gonna find new topic.. :P ok... have a nice day to me.. :D


  1. U said that "we have to keep moving foward and never look back no matter how hard things can be", well for me, we still have 2 look back and think about what we have done.. It's not about thinking badly about the past, but it's about identifying the bad and the good things we have done in the past time.. If we have done something bad, then it's time to fix it and try not 2 make the same mistake again.. At least, TRY.. If u still can't, then try 2 avoid it.. But, if u made something good and it causes many good things come or whatever, u should keep it up! You'll never know what'll happen next, ryte? We plan it, but GOD decided it.. So, don't run away from the reality..^^ [sorry, telampau pnjng ceramah saya.. haha..]

  2. hahahaha....... ya... tq sis.. :D panjang nyaaa..!!! hahaha but tq 4 giving ur opinion.. :D

  3. Hahahaha, I know.. That's only my opinion, maybe it's wrong, maybe it's right.. So, paham2 jak la.. ehehe

  4. haha... actually dlm statement 2 ada maksud yg tersirat bha.. but idk how 2 explain it. ^^