Thursday, March 10, 2011


Waaaaa.... it's friday already... las day at work.. :P hahaha... yeah!!.. tmrow jalan again.. go cp.. hahahaha with someone  ^_<  *..*.. huhu.. i'm so tired la,, i almost sleep in the toilet, my eyes are already closed and my head is like going up then going down hahaha like fishing bha :))...>.< wahahahaha. ya.. it's true... i felt so wired because before that i go 2 the canteen n drink a cup of coffee but my sleepynessss become moreee hmmm what should i say? stronger..? hahaha.. i still have many work to do i hope i can get it done on time.

 ok.. my lunch time is almost over, i still have about 29min left, just now i eat nasi ayam + sup kosong.. nuymmm..!!  hahahaha,, some times i feel so boring idk what to do,, then i listen 2 music hehe, btw i like 2 sing.. i like to sing praise to the Lord every day!! yeah..!! Jesus You are my life!! You are my everything!! Amen.. ^_^  <3