Sunday, April 10, 2011

Are We Ready?

Hey,, hehe just wanna share something it's about the second comming of Jesus... When my father share his testimonies, then suddenly i realise the time is near,, huhu .. ok let me tell u his testimonies..  " when i was on the boat in the middle of south china sea (btw he's on a fishing trip), (cut the story short) suddenly God gave me a vision, i saw a map of japan, china, south and north korea,. not only that,, i also can see  many missile and  rocket and it was on a secret tunnel in north korea,, something is gonna happen in this 4 country,, and when the whole world turn their attention to this country,, and again..i see something happening in the middle east they are preparing vast army to take over jerusalem.." hmm.. that's all  i can remember.

Well, i have a question to ask,, Are we ready for the second comming of Jesus? What should we do? just pray?  >.< i have many question but i'm out of time... well thats all

       pls reply.. ^^         


  1. Whoa! Really? This is creepy~ I hope the world comes to its end after I'd finished my PMR.. I'm not ready to face it this year! Huhu.. But, why must japan, china and South/North Korea? What had they done? What about Jerusalem? Some country wants to take over it? Gosh.. This is more scarier.. I wanna know the story in detail, but I understand that u don't have that much time.. anyway, GOD had gave us plenty much of time to repent.. So, be READY.. thankx 4 posting your story..^^

  2. hehe.. lol.. He will come anytime, but we just don't know when.. about the 4 nation,, idk what's going on with them.. :) lol, hehe.. about jerusalem,, it is writen in the bible,,.